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2022-06-15 12:48:01 By : Ms. Chan Amy

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The construction industry has a skilled workforce shortage of 650,000 and desperately needs new talent. For those who pursue a career in the industry, it offers a way to achieve career dreams while accumulating little to no college debt.

College is not for everyone and doesn’t need to be. Construction industry associations have established “earn-while-you-learn” programs to train the workforce of the future. Apprentices earn competitive wages, receive classroom and on-the-job education and secure industry-recognized credentials that equip them with experience so their earnings and career potential grow.

Craft professionals can earn a living while in school and set themselves up for a well-paying career with limitless potential—all debt-free. Students can find more information on these programs at ABC chapters. The construction industry welcomes all. Associated Builders and Contractors works with hundreds of organizations to attract and retain talent exiting other industries or the military, reentering citizens and those pursuing citizenship.

Construction offers the debt-free opportunity to pursue your dreams, restoring America’s infrastructure and building the places where we live, work, play and learn.

Visit to learn how ABC is building construction career dreams.

Ben Stallings, President, FatBoy Electric

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